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Hoop Polska with a new mobile system from Asseco BS

Hoop Polska with a new mobile system from Asseco BS

One of the major players on the Polish soft drinks market, Hoop Polska, deployed a mobile SFA application from Asseco BS with a view to increase its mobile sales staff’s performance and improve their working environment better. Mobile Preselling solution provided by Asseco Business Solutions helped Hoop Polska rise to the challenges of modern management of mobile workforce and streamline multiple processes.

The main purpose of an SFA system is to automate business sales tasks. The highly competitive FMCG market requires quick response times, real-time access to commercial data and constantly improving customer relationships. For this reason, food companies look for tools to help them re-invent their operations in the field.

To sell more effectively, 50+ sales representatives of Hoop Polska were equipped with portable hand-held devices which give them on-the-go access to current and past data on their clients and their business terms, as well as products, objectives and even competitor activity and the progress on their individual sales plans. The sales representatives are able to collect and send orders while at the customer's location, undertake extra-sale activities such as merchandising, market research, competition research, product presence and distribution. They can also check display standards and keep a record of promotional displays, POS materials, and other activities undertaken at the customer's location.

The central application allows the managers at Hoop Polska to analyse the performance of their sales representatives, define objectives at local and regional levels, check the progress on sales targets, create sales representatives' work schedules and record costs..


When searching for a mobile IT solution, we wanted something to help deliver better sales results. Mobile Preselling allowed us to improve many business areas, including our customer database, and offer our customers a more efficient and higher quality of services, gradually broadening our areas of operation. We are now doing much better in sales data analysis and processing - with the data in hand, we are in a position to make the right business decisions. Much improvement has also been seen in the ordering process and payment control: our cash flow and warehouse management have both significantly improved. The benefits of the deployment have been visible almost immediately after the system's go-live.

Mateusz Jesiołowski Hoop Polska



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