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How to accomplish sales targets in FMCG Retail Execution?

How to accomplish sales targets in FMCG Retail Execution?

The ability to plan objectives and measure their accomplishment is one of the most important tasks for a sales manager in the consumer goods industry. Why? The sales plan execution depends on it to a large extent. However, targeting and achievement monitoring is not everything, FMCG companies also need properly motivate their field teams to make them work hard to hit their targets.

Leading edge Retail Execution technology must support consumer goods companies in achieving their sales objectives – from the beginning to the end, in an intelligent and effective manner. How to do it successfully?

Targeting Mobile Touch

Meet eight key tips for effective targeting in FMCG sales:

  1. Plan the overall sales for a given period.
  2. Assign targets to each of your sales representatives.
  3. Break-down those individual targets to an appropriate grain level - e.g. per month, per day, per visit.
  4. Track the KPIs at the assigned level.
  5. Enable clear visibility of the targets.
  6. Allow your sales representatives to get real-time updates on their target accomplishment right after the completion of each and every customer call.
  7. Calculate bonuses based on the targets achieved by your sales force. It can also include other incentive methods such as competitions.
  8. Include Retail Activity Optimisation capabilities to automatically create a list of customers who should be visited by your mobile staff in the near future, taking into consideration their sales targets for a given period of time.

Why is fine-grained targeting so important for the FMCG industry? If you break a larger target into smaller sub-targets it will be easier to reach it in ‘smaller steps’. Systematic achievement of sub-targets will increase the probability of ensuring success in Retail Execution.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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