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How to better turn your sales data into retail execution insights?

How to better turn your sales data into retail execution insights?

Point-of-sales data is one of the most valuable KPIs to understand an FMCG category. When put to proper use, POS data can effectively drive a manufacturer’s retail execution strategy and consequently increase its sales volume. POS sales data points to in-store performance directly. Based on such insights your field sales team can dynamically decide which customers should be visited due to poor performance.

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However, rising technologies like Machine Learning will go beyond. They can indicate what patterns drive the shortcoming and what actions are to be taken to mitigate the situation. For instance, in stores who comply with the Perfect Store guidelines or are executing a pending promotion properly the reason may be external (e.g. a competitor promotion might apply). Thus, based on insights from Machine Learning a visit can be focussed on the full understanding of the situation.



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