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How to coach your sales force more effectively with an SFA solution?

How to coach your sales force more effectively with an SFA solution?

Ongoing education and training of your sales force improves its efficiency and increases their ability to win at the point of sales. To do so properly, you need to equip your sales managers with a mobile Sales Force Automation technology; supporting the coaching process from A to Z. It needs to cover planning, providing and evaluating the coaching. All this must be available within your SFA solution and on the mobile devices used by the coaches to make their work easier and more successful.

Coaching is an excellent and proven way to improve the quality of mobile FMCG field sales teams. Nowadays it can be executed easier when supported by mobile Sales Force Automation technology. A coaching solution helps your coaches to constantly develop your sales representatives’ product knowledge, sales performance, and personal competencies - step by step, considering their individual maturity, strengths and weaknesses. It has been designed to complement traditional training programs.

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Meet our 6 tips to coach your mobile sales representatives more effectively with the support of your Sales Force Automation solution:

  1. Create the coaching model set up –define your specific coaching criteria and preferred coaching model within your Sales Force Automation solution, in accordance with your sales strategy.
  2. Provide high quality coaching information use the SFA solution as a reliable source of information about each individual’s ongoing achievements.
  3. Enable ongoing coaching session planning plan all the specific actions like phone calls, one-to-one meetings or accompanying the sales representative during customer visits, in your mobile application.
  4. Conduct regular coaching sessions during joint store visits take advantage of mobile technology whilst running the coaching session at the Point of Sales. Enable real-time evaluation of the coached subordinates leveraging of selected KPIs.
  5. Ensure access to information about coached individuals ensure up-to-date access to the results of past coaching sessions, informing you on how the coached individual is doing.
  6. Plan effective development – make use of the analysis and suggestions made by your SFA solution to plan of further individual development, including recommended timelines.

We are very happy that our mobile solution Mobile Touch Coaching, has again been awarded with the 2018 POI “Best-in-Class Distinction” for its excellent functionality for helping managers coaching their subordinates. It is a proof that such technology is more and more demanded on the FMCG market. More than that, it shows that we offer the industry a great tool helping to successfully raise skills of the consumer goods’ mobile sales representatives.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

Learn more about our Sales Force Automation solutions for the FMCG industry. Read more about Mobile Touch Coaching.


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