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How to create outstanding Sales Force Automation fundamentals in FMCG?

How to create outstanding Sales Force Automation fundamentals in FMCG?

Sales Force Automation fundamental features are a basic need for effective retail execution in the FMCG industry. But those “must have” functionalities are not just a commodity; they can also help you to be different. To do so they must provide comprehensive features and solutions in an easy to use user interface.

Sales Force Automation fundamentals empower your sales force to plan and execute sell-in and sell-out activities at retail level both efficiently and effectively. However, when building solid Sales Force Automation fundamentals, you should not stop with commodity. Make sure that even with fundamental capabilities you will be able to better leverage your sales opportunities.

The three key steps how to build outstanding Sales Force Automation fundamentals in FMCG are:

  1. At the beginning, provide the standardized Sales Force Automation fundamental solutions for routing, calendar, surveys, promotions and orders to increase efficiency in the sales force’s daily routines.
  2. Most of all enable excellent user experience for both your field sales representatives and back-office users. Translate all the key sales processes into a simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface so that your sales representatives and system administrators can focus on their daily business activities instead of struggling with technology.
  3. Then jump out of the functionality box to increase your sales and profitability. Use the differentiators and enrich your Sales Force Automation basic capabilities with latest innovations. E.g. drive the day of your sales representatives with targeting. Make your sales staff fully aware of their daily targets. Visualise target achievements on their dashboard and up-date them in real-time upon task completion.

Sales Force Automation basic functionality is an important first step to build a successful sales application strategy in FMCG. Solid fundamentals not only help to execute sales better in a shorter time, but also open the door to get to the upper “sell more” level which includes Perfect Store, RAO, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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