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How to digitalize sales in FMCG?

How to digitalize sales in FMCG?

Going Digital in FMCG translates into a winning combination of offline go-to-market strategies with online eCommerce capabilities. In other words, you should enable a merger of your Sales Force Automation technology with digital eCommerce. Then you will be able to cover both the traditional face-to-face channel and the rising self-service channel. As a result you will sell better and sell more in a more cost-effective way.

Bring your Sales Force Automation strategy together with eCommerce B2B and digtalize your sales! Your Omnichannel strategy should:

  1. Enable effective in-store performance. Let your sales force perform their duties in the traditional face-to-face way. Increase their efficiency and support sell-in and sell-out activities with Sales Force Automation fundamental features.
  2. Improve sales excellence. To boost sales at retail outlets, equip your sales representatives with leading edge Sales Force Automation 2.0 innovations like Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimisation, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation.
  3. Go digital. Encourage your retailers to execute some of the sales processes in self-service mode. Ensure digital communication with them via an eCommerce B2B platform. Provide your customers with on-line information on your category insights, products, innovations, promotions, etc.
  4. Digitalize sales processing. Enable order processing and settlement within the digital platform. Display targeted assortments, promotions, pricing, etc. in the eCommerce channel.
  5. Include digital Perfect Store, Motivation and Gamification into your sales strategy. Drive digital Perfect Store in a simple and informative way by combining it with Smart Presentation. Improve customer motivation with digital Compensation and Gamification.

We provide FMCG manufacturers with the Asseco House of Sales - an innovative Global FMCG Sales Platform which consists of a set of comprehensive solutions for sales excellence in the FMCG industry. It enables our consumer goods customers to Go Digital and to apply an Omnichannel strategy. It includes both Sales Force Automation technology and eCommerce B2B software.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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