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How to easily engage sales managers in retail execution planning

How to easily engage sales managers in retail execution planning

Modern mobile retail execution software allows you to empower the field sales force to be more effective whilst planning their up-coming activities. First of all it suggests to your mobile staff what customers they should visit in what order and what actions to plan on-site to gain the greatest return on investment. However, you must also engage sales managers in the planning process to make your sales representatives plan their duties exactly in accordance with your sales strategy.

The ability to properly plan objectives for the field sales force and constant monitoring of their accomplishment is one of the most important tasks for sales managers in the FMCG industry. However, the possibility to control your sales representatives’ plans and their execution is highly relevant as well.

1. Plan sales targets

Sales managers must be able to assign specific targets to their sales representatives which they are expected to achieve. A targeting solution available within the mobile retail execution technology supports them in this matter very effectively. It allows them to plan precise sales targets for each mobile employee. Then, it allows you to break-down the targets to an appropriate level - e.g. target per month, per day or per visit.

The ability to see target accomplishments in real-time on their mobile devices makes your sales representatives constantly aware which elements of their plan they should be concentrating on. It also shows the compensation or bonus points earned during a visit/day. This approach helps sales managers to motivate their field sales force to hit the planned targets call by call and day by day.

2. Verify sales force plans

The mobile retail execution solution also supports consumer goods sales managers in making sure their subordinates take all the effort when planning their own duties in the best possible way. The sales managers are able to review what sales calls have been scheduled by each sales representative, in what order and time period. The solution also makes it possible to check the list and order of actions to be taken at the points of sales. The verification can refer to past and future activities.

Our solution Mobile Touch allows for easily defined targets for mobile sales teams. More than that, each KPI can be linked to specific client segments. FMCG sales managers can plan targets for their mobile employees to make them achieve those targets more efficiently.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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