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How to empower your sales force for the holiday season

How to empower your sales force for the holiday season

The last months of the year are typically the most important for both consumer goods manufacturers and retailers in terms of sales and merchandising. It is also the busiest season for the sales force to hit their annual targets and sell more than they usually do. This is also the time when many FMCG sales managers aim to improve the retail execution to win at the “holiday” shelf and close their annual budget as successfully as never before.

All the time FMCG companies leverage new ways to empower their sales force and to drive sales. It is especially important in the holiday season when manufacturers raise the bar for their mobile staff and expect greater involvement, higher efficiency and excellent results. So the best way to accomplish their goals is taking advantage from recent retail execution innovations – the Game Changers, enabling sales representatives to reach the right stores, at the right time with the right products and adequate promotional offers, and in consequence successfully hit the targets in the busiest season of the year.

Mobile Touch for Retail Execution in Holiday Season

Meet three tips to empower your retail execution in the holiday season and sell more! Make it possible to set up seasonal sales targets at individual sales representatives, stores or store visits level. Then make your mobile staff fully aware of their daily targets and what they need to achieve during the season.

  1. Use Retail Activity Optimisation to enable your sales representatives to visit the clients who have the largest sales potential at this special time. RAO will help you to select and reach the stores where your seasonal promotional offers has a real chance to succeed. Retail Activity Optimisation will enable your sales force to visit their client in the most efficient way – suggesting them the order of the visits as well the most optimised routes.
  2. When your sales force finally reaches the most appropriate clients, they will need a tool to present your seasonal offering most effectively. So take advantage from a Smart Presentation which will support your employees in negotiations. Smart Presentation will enable them to present multimedia materials, such as advertising, brochures, presentations, customized with sales forecasts and business case calculations.
  3. Provide some excitement and rivalry in your sales force’s work. Design a competition for your sales representatives based on their actual targets planned for the holiday season. Put it in action within your retail execution solution and make your mobile staff constantly aware of their results.

We provide FMCG companies with a set of solutions for retail execution excellence. Our Mobile Touch platform can change the busy holiday season in FMCG from pain into fun.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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