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How to generate tangible benefits from your Perfect Store initiative?

How to generate tangible benefits from your Perfect Store initiative?

A Perfect Store initiative can help you transform your Retail Execution up to the next level. How? This cutting-edge concept and technology enables the creating and maintaining of the best sales conditions in retail outlets. When moving the situation in the visited stores towards excellence, you are able to really change the game in the FMCG industry.

When implementing the Perfect Store concept and solution, you will notice the tangible benefits immediately. Perfect Store will increase your chances to win at the shelf dramatically. You will gain at least 5-20% sales increase; in some cases even over 50%. However, you must fully respect the principles of the Perfect Store concept and related solutions. Don’t worry; this is not so difficult in times when innovative Retail Execution technologies support you on every step of the journey.

Methodology and tools

A Perfect Store initiative combines both a methodology and a related IT solution enabling consumer goods companies to translate and implement the principles into practice.

Perfect Store - methodology and tools

  1. The Perfect Store methodology allows you to better understand the shoppers’ behaviour, as well as identify and select several key variables which significantly influence their purchase decisions at the Points of Sales. Those can be connected to factors like appropriate assortment availability and product visibility standards. The variables should be different for particular store segments, according to retail outlet categories, store sizes, different geographies, etc. All in all, the methodology helps you to understand your picture of success – a Perfect Store, where your sales representatives are able to beat your competition at the shelf.
  2. The Perfect Store mobile solution allows you both to translate the methodology into a practical set of actions for your sales force as well as make your mobile staff constantly monitor the stores and verify that they meet your Perfect Store standards. The solution enables your field sales representatives to audit the Points of Sales and verify in real-time how close they reflect your Perfect Store Standards. Last but not least, the mobile Retail Execution solution supports your sales force in moving the in-store situation towards excellence when suggesting to them what actions they need to take to improve the store standards further.

Additional opportunities

A key learning from 50+ Perfect Store projects is that you need to complement the above with some ground-breaking capabilities like Coaching and Motivation. They will ensure that you are able to unlock the Perfect Store value faster and more efficiently.

  1. Coaching helps your regional field sales managers to make their team-mates understand Perfect Store correctly. In joint store-checks the Coach can monitor the field sales representative’s behaviour at the POS and can help to mitigate any kind of misunderstandings.
  2. Motivation allows planning the Perfect Store targets for each sales representative and links them to a compelling bonus system. All available on the mobile device in real-time to ensure engagement of the mobile staff.

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