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How to improve in-store execution to sell more at the POS?

How to improve in-store execution to sell more at the POS?

You are perfectly aware that your sales representatives are able to increase your sales visiting a POS, aren’t you? However, it all depends on their competences, knowledge and tools they are equipped with. Adding a couple of smart solutions to your mobile retail execution technology empowers your field sales force to be more effective at the POS and generate higher sales every day.

Learn how the latest retail execution solutions can add value to your consumer goods business

Re-shape your existing sales applications strategy. You will make your sales representatives smarter presenters, better informed, more engaged, as well as always ready to move the situation towards excellence in the visited stores.

  1. Sell more at the POS with Mobile Touch
    A Retail Activity Optimisation solution is a must-have solution to make an impact in-store. RAO will suggest which customers to visit according to your current sales priorities. It will also recommend the specific steps to be taken to achieve the highest sales during a visit.
  2. Using a Smart Presentation solution on top will allow your field sales force to present your offer in a more compelling way in front of the store owners. It will enable them to combine a branded presentation layer with reliable and factual commercial store level data injections. Your sales representatives will be able to tell insightful sales stories in a business case-creating way.
  3. A Motivation solution will help you to improve your sales representatives’ performance during the store visit. It will enable your sales managers to define proper goals for their subordinates. Your mobile staff will see in-real time both target accomplishments and bonus points earned during a visit. In other words, it will encourage them to achieve the best sales results at the point of sales.

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