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How to increase the enthusiasm of your sales force at the beginning of the year?

How to increase the enthusiasm of your sales force at the beginning of the year?

December was a very busy season for most of the sales representatives from the FMCG industry. Over the holiday season they had some time to take a deep breath and slow down their professional activities for a while. However, the next challenge is how to let your mobile staff have a good start into the year and make them come back to retail execution reality with enthusiasm?

First of all you need to motivate them for the new year. So inform your sales representatives what targets they face this year. Make them also aware of bonuses they can expect when hitting their targets. After all, help your mobile staff to feel excited about working and selling your products! All this is possible when following the three steps enabling you to reach a new level of retail execution this year:

Increase the enthusiasm of your sales force with Mobile Touch Motivation

  1. Set clear tangible targets. Assign clear sales targets for your sales representatives and make them aware which elements of their plan they should be concentrating on when visiting a particular client and how to distribute these activities correctly in the new sales period. More than this, break targets down into tangible sub-targets. Last but not least, make sales targets visible in real time on the mobile devices every day.
  2. Provide clear information on the compensation. Define variable remuneration plans based on the sales force’s performance. Enable your sales representatives to access compensation updates on their performance-based salary on the go while they are performing activities in the field.
  3. Organise competitions and add some fun to your sales force’s daily routine. Create internal competitions and compile leaderboards to bring competitiveness to your sales representatives’ activities. It will encourage them to achieve their goals much better.

Motivation is one of the most important retail execution elements in FMCG. It can be extremely effective when the motivation programme for sales representatives is supported by an SFA solution on a daily basis.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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