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How to influence consumer decisions and increase sales in FMCG

How to influence consumer decisions and increase sales in FMCG

The purchase of consumer goods products is usually based on a pretty ad hoc decision-making process. The decisions are very often made just on fly at the Point of Sales. So FMCG manufacturers are constantly looking for the new ways to influence the buyers’ behaviour! But how to do it successfully within your retail execution strategies?

How to increase sales in FMCG?

To buy a single FMCG product at the retail outlet you just need a few seconds. So everything at the POS matters: availability, access to the product, attractive display, special promotional offer, etc. All those factors can influence the decisions of the consumers and in consequence your success by proper retail execution. So do not stay behind and prepare your company to be able to win the battles on the store level. Ensure a perfect experience at the POS.

How to increase sales in fmcg

Sales strategy for FMCG products in 4 steps:

  1. Create a “picture of success” by determining the main factors with the most influence on the purchase decisions. Take into consideration variables like regionality, stores categories and their size, seasonality, etc.  Based on such insights create the best possible conditions to make your products stand out at the stores. Make Perfect Store happen in your organisation.
  2. Select the stores with the greatest selling potential. Consumer goods companies offer more and more products within the same categories. This increases the competition year by year. But the stores and their shelves remain the same – at least they do not grow accordingly. So do not sell everything everywhere. Segment the stores to make the right products available at the right place.
  3. Increase your sales force’s knowledge about the “picture of success”. Instruct your sales representatives how to implement and monitor Perfect Store during the visits at the POS. Use Coaching to train your FMCG sales representatives and increase their Perfect Store expertise on regular basis.
  4. Enable constant monitoring of the stores. When you provide retail outlets with a great offer and attractive merchandise, you need to enable constant monitoring of your standards. A Perfect Store solution will help you to audit your preferred KPIs. It will allow your mobile staff to verify which Points of Sales meet the criteria of an “ideal store”. The better results you gain, the more you earn.

Your Perfect Store concept needs to be included in your retail execution - it can increase sales up to 20 % or even more. In addition it should be a part of a larger SFA 2.0 solution ecosystem, including e.g. RAO or Coaching.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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