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How to introduce a successful global Sales Force Automation strategy in FMCG?

How to introduce a successful global Sales Force Automation strategy in FMCG?

One global Sales Force Automation strategy enables consumer goods companies to optimise costs and govern the business much more effectively. From the sales force perspective, you can see significant improvements in KPIs and results. Consequently, one common application strategy will help you to achieve exceptional sales performance at both a global and local level. It will create substantial business value within your organization.

When introducing a single global Sales Force Automation strategy, you can easily exchange the knowledge, experience and functionalities across the markets you operate on. You also can unify key business processes, actions and measures. Last but not least you are able to better serve your costumers and influence the shoppers, regardless of where they are located.

Meet the four key steps enabling you to run an effective global Sales Force Automation strategy:

  1. Create one common Sales Force Automation business template which meets your Headquarters’ needs and expectations. It should include the set of functionalities to be re-used in the local deployments as well.
  2. Do not limit yourself! Run multiple implementations in parallel, across different regions, countries or channels.
  3. Enable multiple instances and localized roll-outs to specific channels or regions. Give your individual markets an opportunity to configure their specific functionalities to support their local processes.
  4. Be smart and benefit from the Sales Force Automation synergy. If some of the business processes are proven in one market, then implement them across the globe and grow your business!

We have created the Mobile Touch Program Deployment Methodology which helps FMCG companies to run multiple implementations in parallel in many different locations. Our Sales Force Automation platform can be easily configured for individual markets and channels. Due to the ease of use of the configuration tools, all the configuration processes can even be done by a customer Centre of Excellence.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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