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Improve your retail execution capabilities with Demand Signal Management tools!

Improve your retail execution capabilities with Demand Signal Management tools!

The ability to collect high quality sell-out data in real-time helps consumer goods manufacturers to find answers to the most crucial business questions related to their sales results. It empowers retail execution processes and enables them to direct sales representatives to the points of sales which need engagement at the right moment in time.

Many FMCG companies understand that SFA technology is a “must have” to empower their sales force in their daily work. Additionally, the SFA 2.0 tools are important game changers enabling them to increase sales and effectiveness of retail execution activities. But there are additional weapons which FMCG leaders must use to win at the shelf - the Demand Signal Management tools.  These tools are needed to retain a competitive edge, as they enable manufacturers to see and understand the full picture of their sales results and act accordingly to the current situation in the market, which changes from day to day.   

Improve your retail execution capabilities with Demand Signal Management by Asseco

Why Demand Signal Management?

1. Optimise your routes to markets by approaching the right stores!

The Demand Signal Management solution enables you to transfer, process and cleanse the sales data from your supply chain partners. It enables you to recognise the Points of Sales with the highest sales potential and define which of these stores should be approached by your sales force.

2. Enable decision making based on daily data updates!

The Demand Signal Management solution allows you to collect sell-out data in real time what helps sales managers to make appropriate and timely business decisions. The right decisions can be also taken at lower levels of the sales organisation. If you feed the Retail Activity Optimisation engine with the business insights coming from the Demand Signal Management solution, you can drive the activities of your sales force. The tool will alert the sales force so they know that e.g. sell-out figures are falling in selected stores, and will propose certain actions to remedy that. 

3. Make it possible to precisely evaluate your sales results!

The Demand Signal Management solution helps you to evaluate your sales results across various distribution channels and sales territories, providing an overview of the results achieved by your mobile staff and business partners. You can then reward your sales people accordingly or settle the right trade terms with your distributors.

4. Increase the efficiency of your retail execution activities!

The Demand Signal Management solution can help you to measure ROI related to individual activities like the installation of POS materials, improving shelf share, allocating freebies to a given retail store, etc. It will enable you to allocate trade marketing budgets in the best way and determine whether your spending brought the desired outcomes.   

5. Fully exploit your sales channels with reliable data insights!

By interfacing additional data streams like economic or demographic data, the Demand Signal Management solution allows you to determine whether the potential of individual sales territories has been exploited to the right extent. Discover where economic and demographic conditions may allow you sell more.

Demand Signal Management is an additional layer to enable consumer goods companies to get more from their retail execution efforts. For this reason, we offer such a complementary solution in our product portfolio. The Connector Platform by Asseco enables FMCG manufacturers to collect crucial market information and better manage their sales strategies.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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