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Improve your retail execution with Mobile Touch Smart Presentation

Improve your retail execution with Mobile Touch Smart Presentation

Smart Presentation is a unique way to visualize your selling stories compellingly to your retailers. This new approach helps to empower your sales representatives to sell better at the point of sale. It combines an extremely attractive presentation layer with store level commercial data injections.

Consumer goods companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to become smarter in retail execution. It is all about selling more. This drives Asseco to offer the FMCG industry groundbreaking innovations. With Mobile Touch Smart Presentation we once again help to push the boundaries of the industry by combining a new way of presenting information based on store level business data injections.

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation

Why Mobile Touch Smart Presentation?

  • Mobile Touch Smart Presentation introduces a new compelling presentation layer into retail execution technology. It enables you to provide exceptionally attractive sales presentations within the SFA solution.
  • The solution becomes really effective when you combine the presentation opportunity with commercial data. Store level data injections allow you to provide customer specific business cases while presenting your selling story. Therefore your business partners are able to better understand the business impact of your offer based on relevant data and insights.
  • Mobile Touch Smart Presentation applies to a number of areas, supporting e.g. the visualization of product offers, Perfect Store surveys, Gamification and many more.
  • It can be fully customized to your brand identity.

Mobile Touch Smart Presentation: a unique way to visualize your selling stories compellingly to your retailers

More and more consumer goods companies are open to support their sales representatives beyond the traditional SFA functionality. They provide their mobile staff with game changers, enabling them to sell more. Mobile Touch Smart Presentation has been designed to help FMCG companies to make better use of their sales opportunities.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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