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Increase your sales profitability with Mobile Touch RAO!

Increase your sales profitability with Mobile Touch RAO!

Mobile Touch RAO helps you to reshape your FMCG go-to-market strategy. It allows you to increase your sales profitability by 5 % and push the boundaries beyond standard field sales capabilities.

Make RAO work for you

Mobile Touch RAO enables three thrilling drivers to more success:

  1. It helps your field sales representatives to reach the proper stores at the right moment.
  2. It adds relevant customer visits into your route planning dynamically.
  3. It suggests what specific action your field sales representatives should take on site at the POS to achieve the best outcome.

Benefit from RAO and grow your sales

Turn your focus from sell-in into sell-out:

  1. Leverage your sales data from retailers/distributors/wholesalers and/or syndicated data providers like Nielsen/IRI.
  2. Leverage other data chunks like consumer promotion execution data, e.g. from 3rd party merchandizers and/or crowd sourcing platforms.

Mobile Touch RAO is an intelligent command centre. It helps to apply your insights regarding the activity impact in your daily field sales efforts. It is also an innovative game changer. Our customers report 5% profitability increase when leveraging RAO in their sales application strategy.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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