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Innovations for retail execution – meet our recent Mobile Touch Release Notes!

Innovations for retail execution – meet our recent Mobile Touch Release Notes!

We are pleased to provide our FMCG users with the latest edition of the Mobile Touch Release Notes. All the innovations we present in this document have been designed to empower our customers’ sales force and increase their effectiveness.

In the latest edition of our Mobile Touch Release Notes we give you a preview on a broad range of enhancements which our consumer goods customers can use to improve their retail execution processes. We present e.g. new functional areas, improvements of existing features, improvements in usability, application stability and performance, as well as graphical user interface advancements in such areas as SFA Fundamentals, Retail Activity Optimisation, Perfect Store, Motivation and many others.

Mobile Touch Release Notes January 2017

Our recent innovations will allow the Mobile Touch users to e.g. simplify and speed up many sales process, better plan activities, optimise costs, calculate targets more effectively, better manage promotions or contracts, define surveys in more advanced way, etc.

Our Mobile Touch sales platform allows agile modelling of various processes. Therefore we produce the Release Notes which are a source code changes delivered in agile mode. We constantly develop new functionalities and other improvements to help our FMCG clients to continue their growth by sales increase and costs optimisation.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

To receive recent Mobile Touch Release Notes don’t hesitate to reach out to your program/project manager with any question/action related to the new functions/features.

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