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Intelligent Sales Force Automation?

Intelligent Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation technology has changed dramatically over recent years. Contemporary SFA solutions are no longer a tool enabling sales force only to collect orders. It is getting more and more an intelligent “command centre” allowing the users to drive demand and sales at the stores. Such solutions do not only provide customer specific sales data and analysis but also suggest sales representatives to take specific actions.

The Sales Force Automation marketplace has evolved in recent years because consumer goods manufacturers started to face completely new challenges. They are not able to increase market shares and boost sales through organic growth anymore. To be successful and competitive FMCG manufacturers must be able to influence purchasing decisions of shoppers and consumers. They also need to maintain long-term relationships with the stores. As a consequence they have to be at the right place at the right time, with the right offer, using the right sales tools and choosing the right activities. But how to do it right?Mobile Touch  - Asseco Business Solutions - SFA - News

These are the questions which many consumer goods companies ask: “Is my Sales Force Automation solution intelligent enough to effectively support my sales representatives at each stage of their work?”, What does ‘intelligent SFA’ really mean?”

  1. Right place at the right time. Intelligent Sales Force Automation is a trusted source of information, helping the sales force to find out which customers should be visited based on activity impact. It helps to focus on the high-potential stores, minimizing the effort and investment in the low-potential ones. It allows the planning of ad hoc routes in the most efficient way.
  2. Right offer. Intelligent Sales Force Automation is also able to take into account data imported from external sources, such as a Demand Signal Management solution. Thanks to such information, it enables your sales force e.g. to select the promotions with the greatest sales potential for the store visited.
  3. Right sales tools. Intelligent Sales Force Automation helps your sales force to verify and assess completed activities. It enables them to determine whether they are successful in a given area or not. Then it suggests what should be improved in the future: e.g. your sales representative should offer to change the display or bring in specific marketing materials into the store.
  4. Right activities. Last but not least intelligent Sales Force Automation not only records events but also suggests to your sales representatives what specific actions they should take at the store. If there is a drop in sales at a retail outlet, the solution prompts the sales representative to conduct an assessment to find the reasons for the sales decrease and suggests appropriate actions. If the store shows the potential to grow sales, the application recommends specific sales and merchandising actions. If the client is close to being out of stock, the software alerts the user to contact its client and suggest a replenishment order, etc.

As a global provider of intelligent Sales Force Automation technology we understand that it is all about helping the FMCG sales forces to make the right decisions and choose effective sales strategies at the points of sale. Therefore we offer the industry a set of innovations enabling them to plan, execute and analyse sales much more effectively. All in all, such a strategy helps to increase market share and boost sales.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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