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Jump out of the box with your Retail Execution technology!

Jump out of the box with your Retail Execution technology!

A traditional, so called “transactional”, Retail Execution software no longer exists. Today’s technology offers the FMCG industry much more. It is a combination of variety of functions and features plus more advanced, sell-more functionalities like Perfect Store, RAO, Motivation, Coaching or Smart Presentation. Such an eco-system of solutions allows manufacturers to push the boundaries and to grow their business based on innovative and extremely effective field sales strategies.

The consumer goods industry is ever-changing. Today the manufacturers face completely new challenges and problems than a few years ago. Organic growth is almost impossible to achieve. Winning at the shelf is more complicated than it used to be. Cooperation with retailers needs more effort, and finally, shoppers have become more demanding and less attached to particular brands. They take ad hoc purchasing decisions based on what they see at the Point of Sales. Therefore, the store and its shelf are the places where the battles for consumers’ attention and reactions take place.

All those changes have contributed to the technological evolution in Retail Execution, because the existing strategies and tools were no longer good enough. To make manufacturers jump out of the box and find a better way for their routes to market, a new era of Retail Execution software has been developed. The new technology helps FMCG companies push the boundaries beyond commodity and execute better at the POS. The solutions for managing the mobile sales force are no longer the transactional tools which support mainly the order taking process. They change the role of the sales representatives. They need to be able to perform more independently, with the ability to better select ideal customers, reach them with the right products at the right time, analyse data more effectively, take special care of the proper standards at the stores, better present the offering, and finally be smarter, better trained and motivated enough. In other words, the FMCG sales force needs now to be better prepared to sell more and sell better in the same time.

Jump out of the box with your Retail Execution technology!

To go beyond transactional Retail Execution functionality you need to make your strategy comprehensive and innovative:

 Make fundamental features user friendly – enable your sales representatives to effectively plan and execute sell-in and sell-out activities, with the support of a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Help them to perform their basic duties as efficient as possible.

  1. Improve the commodity features – e.g. combine real-time targeting within your fundamental functionality to help sales representatives to constantly improve their overall sales results. Use an attractive presentation layer to make your sales force present your offering more comprehensively and visualize your selling stories more compellingly in front of retailers.
  2. Benefit from innovative sell-more functionality – introduce a set of innovative Game Changers increasing sales and optimising costs-to-serve. Consider solutions like Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimization, Motivation, Coaching and Smart Presentation. They will elevate you to the next level of Retail Execution capabilities. These tools will help you to improve in-store performance, reach out to the best clients and optimise sales, motivate and coach your sales representatives, as well as adding compelling presentation capabilities to your Retail Execution technology.
  3. Add digital eCommerce B2B into your Retail Execution strategy – combine both the traditional face-to-face channel and the rising self-service channel. As a result, you will be able to increase sales in an effective Omnichannel mode.

We offer consumer goods manufacturers the next generation eco-system of mobile solutions helping them to be successful in Retail Execution. Our unique Mobile Touch sales platform combines fundamental functions and more advanced, groundbreaking features enabling you to out-perform the competition by moving beyond a basic system.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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