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Let your POS be perfect: how to measure standards using KPI visualization

Let your POS be perfect: how to measure standards using KPI visualization

To win at the shelf your products not only have to be “physically” present at the right point of sale, but they must be properly displayed and accompanied by specific promotional activities. More to that, the POS must be constantly monitored and evaluated (by using KPIs) by your field force to maintain the quality of the ideal display.

For that reason our Mobile Touch Perfect Store solution helps your mobile employees to provide their stores with a great offer and attractive merchandise. Then it enables to define, manage and control your preferred KPIs related to in-store standards. Finally, it helps to assess and verify which of the stores fulfil the criteria of “Perfect Stores”.

To improve the measuring of the level of completion of prescribed indicators (KPIs) in a particular point of sale, Mobile Touch enables the use of visual materials (for example, the images of display standards on the shelf) to replace questions in the survey assessing the level of KPI execution. This solution considerably simplifies the user's work in the system; the clear presentation (visualization) of material visibly reduces the time of both survey preparation and completion. What is more, this approach significantly improves the quality of recorded results.

When creating the KPIs, factors such as the shelf structure, product display, advertising materials, price visibility, promotional campaigns etc. are taken into account.


Perfect Store - Mobile Touch

Definition of what the Perfect Store is for a particular organisation is not enough to achieve success on the market. All actions taken at the points of sale must be continuously and efficiently monitored and the sales representatives should receive instructions and new goals resulting from that process. This is where the sales support system can really come into its own by allowing constant quality monitoring of the stores, evaluation against selected assessment criteria and verification of how closely the stores resemble the “Perfect Store” template.

Bartłomiej Makaruk Deputy Director of CRM and Mobile Systems Development Department


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