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Lisner to broaden cooperation with Asseco Business Solutions

Lisner to broaden cooperation with Asseco Business Solutions

Lisner, a well known producer of fish products, extended the contract on the use of the Asseco Business Solutions SFA system, supporting the management of their mobile sales forces. The new agreement includes an extended functionality of Mobile Preselling which additionally covers the traditional distribution channel.

The SFA solution from Asseco has been used at Lisner since 2005, managing to improve the work of sales representatives in the modern distribution channel comprising large international chains. The renewed agreement between Asseco Business Solutions and Lisner is about to extend the successful collaboration for subsequent years.

Lisner decided to additionally support the sales staff working in the traditional channel covering retail customers, stores and wholesalers. Asseco Business Solutions will implement the Mobile Preselling system for a total of 60 Lisner's users. The mobile sales representatives will be equipped with portable devices which will provide instant access to past and current data on individual sales plans at any time and any place. The managers, working on the central application, will be able to easily analyse the effectiveness of their mobile staff work, better supervise their daily activities and define new objectives when needed.

As a result of using the mobile SFA solution from Asseco BS, we were able to raise the effectiveness of the management of our mobile sales staff and improve their results. We also managed to improve the information flow relating to the sales and extra-sales activities. The extension of the functional scope of the application, will let us introduce further changes and improvements. The ability to manage the sales with mobile devices is a great way to optimise the business.

Grzegorz Łopata Lisner


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