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Make modern Direct Store Delivery a part of your Retail Execution strategy

Make modern Direct Store Delivery a part of your Retail Execution strategy

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) enables FMCG manufacturers to sell and deliver their products directly to the points of sales. It can be an additional route to market which helps to accelerate the execution of sales in real time, without the involvement of any trade partners within the distribution chain. But DSD is able to offer much more! Especially when you include both preselling and merchandising into your mobile staff’s duties and make them influence customers at the points of sales.

To benefit from modern Direct Store Delivery first of all you should redefine the role of your drivers operating in the field and turn them more into both a mobile driver plus a sale role. Such individuals will be able not only to deliver goods on time but also manage future order taking and take care of the products’ visibility at the POS.

3 steps to establish a modern Direct Store Delivery in your organisation:

  1. DSD Fundamentals: Enable your mobile drivers to plan, execute and settle the deliveries in real-time. Maximise their efficiency by equipping them with an up-to-date mobile DSD solution supporting all stages of the delivery process. So far so fundamental.
  2. Pre-selling: Put preselling into action additionally. Make your drivers determine the quantity of products to be delivered to the clients in the nearest future. Help your field representatives maintain more consultative relationships with their customers.
  3. Perfect Store: Engage your drivers into merchandising at the point of sales. Let them monitor inventory and take care of an attractive display of your offering at the POS to help consumers to make a purchase and choose your product instead of the product of your competition. Apply your picture of success by leveraging the Perfect Store concept.

Direct Store Delivery is a part of the Retail Execution strategy for many FMCG manufacturers. This is why we have designed the Mobile Touch DSD solution to cover all functions, processes and algorithms involved in the delivery settlement. It helps to increase the efficiency of sales delivery to a large extent and enables you to manage your mobile drivers. However, the trick is to combine the solution with Pre-selling and Merchandising, especially Perfect Store, capabilities. Bring your Direct Store Delivery operations to the next level!.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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