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Make Retail Activity Optimisation support your sales and profitability!

Make Retail Activity Optimisation support your sales and profitability!

Many FMCG sales managers ask themselves a number of questions every day. Do my sales representatives visit the right customers at the right time? How can ad hoc priorities be embedded into the planned route? While on a visit, do they pursue the right tasks? Do they perform the visit in a way that correspondents to the customer’s current situation? Those questions never end but your sales needs quick and right answers just right now.

This is where Retail Activity Optimisation (RAO) can really shine.

It supports:

  1. Ad hoc prioritisation - RAO enables an effective ad hoc planning process by identifying clients who need special attention. RAO identifies customers to be visited due to a priority trigger like “drop in sell out”, “consumer promotion pending”, “Perfect Store score declining”, etc.
  2. Dynamic routing – RAO enables to add the priority visits to the existing route. The revised route can be optimized right away with a single click in the map based on the route optimisation capability.
  3. Dynamic tasking – RAO automatically indicates appropriate actions due to mitigate the issue indicated by the priority trigger. E.g. in case of a “drop in sales” RAO assigns a root cause analysis focusing on the in-store situation. If the sale representative finds an issue in shelf share RAO will suggest to present a promotion to mitigate the number of facings.

RAO is able to analyze data chunks from multiple sources to identify current priorities. However, it reflects that the sales representative should not be turned into a business analyst role. He simply benefits from the number crunching in the background while seeing just a list of customers to be added to his routes due to urgency. This brings the FMCG organisation to a new level to increase sales and profitability.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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