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Make your retail execution process data driven and win at the shelf!

Make your retail execution process data driven and win at the shelf!

All the field sales activities should have a direct impact on your market success. To make it happen, all the decisions your sales representatives make at the POS should be based on current commercial data and up-to-date reports. Therefore you need to support your sales force by delivering detailed information and comprehensive analytical functionalities right at their fingertips.

The ability to present factual commercial data enables consumer goods manufacturers to increase their mobile workforce’s effectiveness and efficiency and in consequence improve their retail activity processes. But you should not turn your sales representatives into business analysts! Provide them with ready-to-use reports in real-time on the mobile devices they use on daily basis. Let the SFA technology suggest to your sales representatives what specific actions they should take at the POS, based on the information presented to them.

Compelling examples of the use of commercial data and advanced reporting in your retail execution processes:

  1. Benefit from Retail Activity Optimisation. The solution should be capable of analysing both past data stored in the mobile SFA system and the data retrieved from external sources (e.g. your Data Integration Platform giving you access to information provided by your distributors, wholesalers and retailers). RAO will help determine which customers should be visited, how those calls should be included in your sales representatives’ routes and which actions should be taken when on site. Last but not least, RAO can suggest the next course of action to the sales representatives to help them increase their immediate or future sales.
  2. Make the picture of success available! Perfect Store solution will instruct your sales representatives how to improve further. Perfect Store audit will give your sales managers real-time access to the audit results. It will generate suggestions on how to resolve the issues identified by the audit.
  3. Help your organisation make the key decisions regarding your sales strategy. Use a Data Integration Platform to provide your sales managers with access to information such as sell-out reports for your own products or for specific product categories. The DIS solution will provide you with a set of reliable analytic tools to evaluate your business partners which will help you adjust your retail execution strategy adequately.

Your sales representatives should not be your data analysts regardless of the volume of data available. Make data available only in an actionable way. Embed it into the process. This will make your sales force focus on activities with high impact only.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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