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Make your Retail Execution software exciting!

Make your Retail Execution software exciting!

Why not to use your Retail Execution solution to ensure some fun for your sales force?

FMCG manufacturers make huge efforts and spend a lot of money to execute their Retail Execution strategy.

They aim to outdo the competition, increase sales, optimise costs, etc. All this is fine. However sometimes the solution for their ambitions is simpler than they expect it to be! When adding some excitement to the sales force’s everyday work, Retail Execution can be leveraged on the next level.

Make compelling competitions an integral part of your Retail Execution strategy. This ensures that your sales representatives will be better motivated to improve their performance. They will be more eager to hit their targets. In consequence, you will see your results growing month by month.

 How to do it? Take 3 major steps into account to run a successful competition for your sales force fully embedded in your Retail Execution strategy:

  1. Design a competition for your sales representatives based on their actual targets. Put it in action within your Retail Execution software.
  2. Use an animated visual to illustrate the efforts and successes of your sales staff. Such gamification will make your employees motivated to outdo their teammates every day.
  3. Make your mobile staff constantly aware of their results. Share execution leaderboards with all users on their mobile devices. This will keep them constantly engaged and ready to improve their results and work harder to win.

A competition for sales representatives is a well-known way to motivate your sales staff. It helps them to achieve their goals and to encourage them to invest the maximum effort in their duties. However you need to do it wisely. It has to be integrated into their daily work. It has to be nicely visualized. It has to provoke some fun. In Asseco we believe in this. Therefore we have added Motivation to our SFA 2.0 platform Mobile Touch. Come and join the party to get to the next level!

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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