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New SFA touch system Mobile Touch  to improve management within the Maspex Group

New SFA touch system Mobile Touch to improve management within the Maspex Group

The Maspex Group, a leader on the Eastern European food market implemented Mobile Touch, an SFA system from Asseco Business Solutions, to help manage their mobile sales staff. The goal of the project was to improve the efficiency of the daily work of Maspex's sales representatives by leveraging the latest touch-screen technology and relying on a greater use of multimedia presentations of Maspex's offering while visiting customers.

The deployment of Mobile Touch at the Maspex Group was rolled out to support the daily work of an extensive team of sales representatives involved in the sales of brands including Tymbark, Kubuś, Lubella, Puchatek, Ekland, DecoMorreno, Cremona, La Festa and Plusssz. Our sales force automation software  is successfully supporting business processes related to organisation, execution and management of the Group's sales in the field, significantly simplifying document workflow and verification of survey results collected by SRs. Additionally, the Maspex Group also commissioned a bespoke reporting system. Maspex sales staff have been using the mobile solution on Apple iPads.

Mobile Touch has been adapted to specific requirements of the Group. During the implementation process, several functional solutions were developed. In addition, the program has been integrated with the Connector data exchange platform; it is now possible to send orders from the SFA system to distributors and retrieve any necessary information on resale executed by trade partners.  

The Maspex Group has been partnering with Asseco Business Solutions since 2002. The company initially worked on Asseco BS's Mobile Preselling system available on PDAs (before the arrival of Mobile Touch); they also use the Connector platform supporting data exchange between the Group and its distributors.

Mobile Touch is the next-generation mobile SFA system system which leverages the capabilities offered by modern touch screen technologies. Multi-platform Mobile Touch is intended exclusively for mobile devices, including both iOS (Apple) and Android-powered tablets and smartphones. The solution is aimed at supporting the local mobile sales forces of manufacturers from industries such as the FMCG and pharmaceuticals. Providing easy, secure and quick access to information from any place and at any time, the application increases the efficiency of everyday sales representatives' activities and offers the management real-time monitoring of the sales objectives.

The mobile systems from Asseco Business Solutions are among the most in-demand SFA software in Europe. It boasts over 21 thousand active users in over 30 countries in Western and Central and Eastern Europe. The systems from Asseco BS have long and successfully been operated by businesses in the FMCG sector, including Nestle, Lotte Wedel, Wyborowa, Tchibo, Hoop Polska, Lisner, Food Care, Kotanyi or Hortex.

Our decision to introduce a new mobile system was motivated by the need to increase our sales in the field, improve the quality of customer relationships and optimise any relevant costs. Compared to the traditional SFA solutions, Mobile Touch enables faster access to information, including multimedia materials, and assists in the sales process by including audiovisual presentation of promotional activities or display standards. We hope that the inclusion of multimedia materials will help reduce the share of printed materials in our customer management. In addition, working with Mobile Touch on practical and technologically advanced tablets is a great step forward; it does not only translate into increased efficiency but also strengthens our positive image in front of business partners as a modern business open to the latest technologies.

Mariusz Zubała Commercial Director, Maspex Group


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