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Mobile Touch from Asseco Business Solutions – a new quality in mobile SFA systems

Mobile Touch from Asseco Business Solutions – a new quality in mobile SFA systems

The family of mobile solutions from Asseco BS has grown to include an innovativeSFA/CRM mobile touch system, designed to leverage the possibilities of the latest touch-screen technologies. The multi-platform Mobile Touch is designed for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones running both iOS (Apple) and Android operating systems.


Mobile Touch opens a new mobile era. It is innovative and flexible, secure, multimedia-friendly and easy to use. And most importantly, designed to work on modern touch-screen mobile devices. The program makes the most of the new technologies and multimedia functionalities, has an easy-to-use, multipurpose and a very efficient and intuitive interface. The touch screen operation makes access to any application extremely easy. The functional scope of Mobile Touch fully responds to the needs of the clients relying on their mobile sales forces. This innovative mobile application will allow sales staff to fully focus on their objectives and support them in communicating with clients, planning, or presentations. This marks the beginning of a new era for mobile SFA systems.

Paweł Nowak Director of Mobile Systems and CRM Development Department

Mobile Touch is designed for companies which manage extensive mobile sales forces. The application provides easy, secure and quick access to information from any place and at anytime, increasing the efficiency of the sales representatives work and gives the management real-time monitoring of the sales objectives.

The system offers a better access to data as well as a better way to include multimedia materials and integrating external applications, improving the management of Sales Representatives' workloads. Mobile Touch is successful in combining sales functions, CRM, presentations, management and control. Installed on modern tablets or smartphones, it allows a smooth integration with telephone and email functions or external applications such as GPS navigation or Google Maps.

Mobile Touch redefines the role of a sales representatives who are no longer "order collectors” instead, they become "sales developers" who drive demand and generates sales in assigned stores. Compared to the existing mobile systems, Mobile Touch improves the quality of sales developer's relationship with an outlet (customer) to a far greater extent. It enables faster access to information, including multimedia materials, and assists in the sales process through visual presentation of promotional activities or display standards. The system is operated simply via a touch-screen.

Depending on individual preferences, Mobile Touch can be deployed on tablets or smartphones. The system is integration-ready; it can connect with external systems, such as ERP, BI, or warehouse management applications.

The solution is designed to meet the needs of FMCG, pharmaceutical and construction businesses, it can be also implemented in companies operating in other market sectors.


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