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Mobile Touch: global delivery capabilities

Mobile Touch: global delivery capabilities

Cooperating with many global FMCG leaders we have created a special methodology which allows us to implement our sales platform Mobile Touch successfully in enterprises operating in many different countries and on multiple continents.

Our ground breaking Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform provides a broad range of configuration options of both global and local processes.

No matter if we run a project in Europe, the Americas or the Asia-Pacific region. Our solution always takes into account both the guidelines of the client’s headquarters and the needs of individual markets.

This helps our FMCG customers to build on best practices across different regions. Thanks to Mobile Touch they are able to leverage business processes proven in a region or country across other markets. This supports the sales force to reach the next level.

We also offer our clients a special Mobile Touch Program Deployment Methodology which includes common template creation on a global or regional level and a localized roll-out to specific channels or markets. It allows the system users to manage multiple implementations in parallel, regardless of where they are located.

Cezary Boguta Mobile Touch Project Manager


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