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Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation goes beyond the FMCG industry

Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation goes beyond the FMCG industry

Our Sales Force Automation technology is expanding globally. Mobile Touch is used by more than 30,000 FMCG sales representatives in more than 40 markets. For more than 20 years we have been supporting leading consumer goods manufacturers, offering fast moving goods operating in diverse sectors like beverages, food, cosmetics or healthcare. Recently, we added another interesting category to our portfolio. Our Mobile Touch solution has been chosen by a leading kitchen manufacturer. Our new customer will initially use Perfect Store to constantly monitor the quality of its products’ expositions in specialised kitchen stores and to influence the purchasing decisions of shoppers.

Sales Force Automation technology helps to create a substantial business value within every organization which relies upon a mobile sales force’s performance in its overall sales strategy. Therefore, not only FMCG companies, but also other consumer goods manufacturers appreciate such technology whilst aiming to achieve the same sales objectives – to sell better and sell more at the POS. Perfect Store can help to increase the outcomes at short notice at the points of sale, no matter it is used in traditional trade, supermarkets or kitchen stores. How? With Perfect Store the companies can create and maintain the best sales conditions at retail outlets to positively influence sales growth. However, a Perfect Store initiative must combine a methodology which determines the key variables influencing the purchase decisions at particular store segments with a mobile solution enabling manufacturer’s sales representatives to constantly verify which points of sales meet the criteria of an “ideal store”.

Meet the five key factors which make your Perfect Store mobile solution one of the most powerful Sales Force Automation sell-more influencers in the kitchen industry:

  1. The Perfect Store solution allows you to translate the selected “picture of success” methodology into a practical set of actions for your sales force.
  2. More than that, the solution introduces a store, e.g. luxury, multi-brand, large, small, etc.
  3. The Perfect Store solution also enables you to embed market insights into practice and defines specific kitchen store KPI definitions to be followed by your mobile sales representatives. These KPIs can differ for every store segment. The KPIs may include such factors as display, visibility, promotion, marketing materials, etc.
  4. Then the Perfect Store solution helps you to evaluate how the actual points of sales compare to the pre-defined standards. What is important, is that it provides sales representatives with store level KPI calculations in real-time.
  5. Real-time reporting helps to generate suggestions for your mobile staff on how to resolve the issues identified by the audit. Based on those ideas, it instructs your sales representatives on how to improve further. Therefore, they are able to complete the identified actions at the POS right away during the same visit or plan a course of actions for the next visit at given store.

Our Sales Force Automation technology has been chosen by dozens of global consumer goods leaders worldwide. We are very proud of having a solid FMCG heritage. However, we are also very happy to expand our activities into the kitchen industry. We believe we have the knowledge, experience and capability to do so.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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