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New motivation solution to increase efficiency of your sales force!

New motivation solution to increase efficiency of your sales force!

We are presenting the new Mobile Touch Motivation solution which allows FMCG manufacturers to motivate their sales force to increase their performance and sales efficiency.

Mobile Touch Motivation enables to define goals for your sales force and to track their achievements in a very efficient way.

The system also makes it possible to plan employee objectives and link them to compelling incentives, such as bonuses or competitions, as well as use gamification tools in order to motivate sales staff to hit their targets.

Our new solution helps the manufacturers to create fine-grained targets, compensation schemes and to use the gamification tools. The motivation engine powering the solution is based on flexible targeting, allowing you to include all aspects of your sales representatives’ operations.

Mobile Touch Motivation is available on our mobile sales platform which offers the basic functions in the area of sales force automation and retail execution. It also provides new tools enabling to sell more, such as e.g. Motivation.

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