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Nutricia Belgium leverages Mobile Touch

Nutricia Belgium leverages Mobile Touch

Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Belgium has chosen Mobile Touch from Asseco to increase the efficiency of its mobile sales force. The solution supports Nutricia sales activities both in the Retail and the Pharmacy channel. The specificities of each channel are easily covered due to the extensive configuration capabilities of Mobile Touch.

Nutricia Early Life Nutrition is a division of Danone, which is focused on products and services relevant in the first 1000 days of children’s lives, from pregnancy until toddlerhood.

They provide research-based and scientifically-proven nutrition, adapted to meet the specific needs of their vulnerable consumers. The company is a leader in age-appropriate nutrition for the youngest. It owns well-known brands as Nutrilon and Olvarit, offering high quality products and services for dads and mums, babies and young children.

Mobile Touch provides Nutricia with rich functionality across all aspects of Sales Force Automation Fundamentals including routes, calendars, calls, surveys, promotions, orders, etc. It boosts the efficiency of Nutricia sales forces in their daily work and enables them to plan their work more efficiently than ever before.

Mobile Touch also covers Perfect Store. This enables Nutricia to achieve the best results at the POS by following pre-established KPI standards. Its sales representatives are able to assess and verify which of their clients fulfill those criteria. Additionally Mobile Touch suggests the users what actions should be taken in the store in order to improve the Picture of Success.

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