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Perfect Store - a must-have solution to empower your Sales Force!

Perfect Store - a must-have solution to empower your Sales Force!

Do you want to really sell more? The route to success is Perfect Store. This powerful solution allows FMCG companies to elevate their field sales efforts to the next level.

Perfect Store has unquestionably become the most important sell-more influencer in the consumer goods industry. FMCG companies can realize 5-20% sales increase when implementing the Perfect Store principles. Its success is based on the ability to create and maintain the best sales conditions in retail outlets visited by field sales representatives. Consequently, the situation at the store can be moved towards excellence, positively influencing your product’s sales growth every day.

Perfect Store – how to start the journey?

To start the Perfect Store journey, you need to create your own “picture of success”. You need to translate your consumer & shopper behaviour understanding into a set of key variables influencing the purchase decisions at the POS. This allows you to translate your category insights into actions.

Perfect Store – how to enable the execution?

A Perfect Store solution supports your field sales force in constantly monitoring the quality of the exposition at a POS. They can audit the points of sales during the sales calls and verify, in real-time, how close they are to your Perfect Store standards. They are also able to improve the Perfect Store scores during the visit. The solution suggests to your sales representatives how to modify the current situation at the POS and what actions they need to take to improve the standards ad-hoc and/or in the near future.

Read more about the Perfect Store solution by Asseco.


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