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Perfect Store in FMCG – how to unlock its value faster?

Perfect Store in FMCG – how to unlock its value faster?

Perfect Store is one of the most innovative and highly effective retail execution concepts in the consumer goods industry. It allows you to improve the in-store sales performance dramatically in a relatively short time. FMCG manufacturers report an increase in sales from 5 to 20% when executing its Perfect Store concept. However, much more can be done in this area. When complementing Perfect Store with some other ground-breaking retail execution capabilities, you can unlock its values faster and more efficiently.

Perfect Store helps consumer goods companies to create, improve and maintain the best sales conditions at the points of sales. It ensures the availability and visibility of products at the shelves and in promotional areas. It helps in auditing the presentation quality in real-time. To unlock the benefits of Perfect Store faster and more efficiently it may be supported by other sell-more capabilities for retail execution, like Retail Activity Optimisation, Motivation and Coaching.

Meet the perfect combination of solutions making your Perfect Store even more powerful:

  1. Retail Activity Optimisation helps you to continuously monitor the current store data and direct your sales force to the points of sales where your Perfect Store standards are unsatisfactory at that very moment. It complements your existing route plan dynamically with the most relevant stores to be visited. This enables your sales representatives to improve the Perfect Store KPIs as soon as possible and where it has the highest impact.
  2. Motivation allows you to assign clear Perfect Store targets for your sales force. The targets can also be linked to the bonus system, providing your mobile staff with information about the compensation or bonus points earned – all available within their SFA solution installed on their mobile devices. It helps you to motivate your sales representatives to better hit their Perfect Store targets.
  3. Coaching helps your field sales managers to make their teammates understand Perfect Store correctly and grow them towards an expected level faster and in a more structured way. The solution enables you to monitor sales representative’s behaviour at the POS as well as plan a Perfect Store training programme, suggesting which individuals will require coaching sessions more urgently, identifying those who have not reached their Perfect Store targets and require remedial actions.

Learn more about the Mobile Touch Perfect Store solution by Asseco.


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