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Present your Perfect Store on a new level!

Present your Perfect Store on a new level!

Smart Presentation introduces a new compelling presentation layer into Sales Force Automation capabilities. It allows consumer goods manufacturers to better present their sales stories in front of retailers. Applying Smart Presentation to Perfect Store enables you to sell better and sell more.

Perfect Store provides field sales forces with an access to the picture of success. It enables the reviewing in-store standards and auditing the related KPIs at the points of sales. In addition, it reports the Perfect Store scores in real-time and advises on the best actions right away. However, it works even better when including a great visualization of the sales opportunity.

How Smart Presentation enriches Perfect Store:

  1. Smarter Perfect Store auditing - Smart Presentation helps to audit visited points of sales easier. It turns a standard questionnaire into an effective Perfect Store audit guide. It nicely presents e.g. current Perfect Store scores, score trends, pictures of the standards, visual instructions on what the shelf and the store should look like, etc.
  2. Smart In-store Standards learning - Smart Presentation also provides very clear definitions of the Perfect Store standards. The solution delivers detailed information at hand about the picture of success. All the visual instructions help sales representatives to easily understand and better remember your principles.
  3. Smarter Selling-stories presentation - Smart Presentation enables consumer goods sales representatives to present Perfect Store in front of a customer in a selling story approach. It allows them to present a compelling visualisation of the Perfect Store standards which you expect to achieve at their retail outlet, to the respective store-managers. In addition, it builds business cases for customers based on the Perfect Store data and other store-level data injections. In other words, the solution can drive significant insights into the hands of the fields sales force to help them sell more while improving the picture of success.

What is worth to note in a nutshell?

Combining Perfect Store with Smart Presentation allows you to:

  1. Conduct Perfect Store audits in a simpler, more efficient and more informative way.
  2. Better understand and explain the current situation in the store.
  3. Better execute the Perfect Store standards.
  4. Easily convince your retailers to buy into the Perfect Store proposition.
  5. Develop your sales force’s Perfect Store knowledge easier and quicker.

Read more about the Perfect Store solution by Asseco. Read more about Smart Presentation by Asseco.


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