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Retail Execution challenges: key pains your field sales force faces when planning their visits

Retail Execution challenges: key pains your field sales force faces when planning their visits

Effective visit planning is an integral part of the complex sales process in the consumer goods industry. Most importantly, it is the very first step towards successful retail execution performance. When planning is not efficient enough and takes too much time, you may lose significant sales opportunities.

When your field sales representatives knows what customers they should visit in what order, what actions to plan on-site and how to plan more effectively, it is more likely that they will be able to increase sales. But they need to do it based on real-time factual data and with just a few mouse-clicks on their mobile devices equipped with intelligent retail execution software.

Meet the key pains your sales representatives face when planning their visits and in-store activities. Find out how Retail Activity Optimisation will help you to overcome those concerns.

1. Which customers should be visited? Why? The ability to determine those points of sales which need attention is priceless in retail execution planning. But how to plan a customer list effectively and choose the most valuable stores? Retail Activity Optimisation will help you with this matter. It will allow your sales representatives to easily and quickly create a plan of the sales calls which will guarantee you the greatest return on resources – they will be able to reach the right customers at the right time. All based on priority triggers like “drop in sell-out”, “out of stock”, “potential for greater sales”, “Perfect Store score decline”, “consumer promotion”, etc.

2. How to plan the best route to the stores? Getting to the customers takes time. Therefore, it is worth optimising it as much as possible. When considering a group of hundreds or even thousands of sales representatives travelling every day, it is really worth finding the most efficient way for them. Retail Activity Optimisation will help you to plan the most optimal route to the stores – it will arrange a list of retail outlets to be visited in a sequence which helps in reducing the cost of travel such as travel time, fuel costs, related travel expenses and will also increase effectiveness of your sales representatives. Additional customers can be added to the standard route dynamically, when the solution recognizes an opportunity at store level.

3. What to do on-site when visiting a customer? Your sales representatives have already planned the visits and their order effectively. So far so good, but do they know what actions they should take on-site to run those calls with the highest possible income? Retail Activity Optimisation will suggest to them the most adequate sales strategies for every point of sales. It will recommend them a list of “to-dos” and show the sequence of their execution. Such a precise plan of action will help your field sales force to increase sales or improve the situation leading to growing income in the future.

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