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Retail execution challenges: prevent sales decline in FMCG

Retail execution challenges: prevent sales decline in FMCG

Consumer goods manufacturers sometimes face a situation when their sales force’s work results are not as great as expected. This is the moment when some of your sales representatives hardly ever achieve their targets or you observe a noticeable cutback of sales at the stores. However, when your sales are falling, you need to find a remedy and consequently re-shape your sales strategy. Adding some new retail execution capabilities will help you to overcome your problem and will ensure significant sales growth – today and in the future.

Efficient planning and proper execution should be an integrated part of the sales process in FMCG. Nevertheless, a number of problems may appear and undermine your efforts. There are many examples. It may be a situation when your sales representatives loose opportunities, your competition has better relationships with the store owners, your products are not visible enough at the POS, your in-store promotions are not executed as planned, your mobile staff are not aware what actions to take on site, etc. Finally your field sales force becomes demotivated to do more. This is where the latest retail execution technology can help you to mitigate issues in a smart way.

Retail execution challenges: prevent sales decline in FMCG

Meet our 4 tips on how to boost sales in FMCG:

  1. Do not let your sales force miss opportunities! Enable an effective sales process by determining clients who need special attention at the very moment. Suggest to your sales representatives what specific actions they should take at the POS to achieve the best outcome. A Retail Activity Optimisation solution will help you to reach the right customers at the right time by identifying the stores to be visited due to priority triggers like “drop in sell out”, “out of stock” or “Perfect Store score decline”. More than that, RAO will automatically indicate appropriate actions to mitigate the issue indicated by the priority trigger. It will do it dynamically, depending on the situation. All in all, your sales representatives will be able to visit customers based on the activity impact.
  2. Do not forget how important the POS is in your strategy! Therefore, start by creating and maintaining the best sales conditions in retail outlets visited by your mobile sales force. A Perfect Store initiative and solution will allow you to move the situation in the stores towards excellence. It will make your sales representatives audit the points of sales and verify in real-time how close they reflect your Perfect Store standards. It will suggest to them what actions they need to take to improve those standards further. In summary Perfect Store will ensure improved availability and visibility of your offers. You will also notice at least 5-20% sales increase at short notice.
  3. Do not allow for poor execution! Make your sales force accomplish their KPIs and hunt for new challenges as well. A Motivation solution will enable you to set clear expectations for your sales force. It will support you in planning targets on a granular level for individual sales representatives, stores and visits. It will provide real-time updates on the goal execution and constant feedback – call by call. It will also show the compensation or bonus points earned during a visit/day. When seeing target accomplishments in real-time your sales representatives will be constantly aware which elements of their plan they should be concentrating on. As a consequence it will increase engagement, enthusiasm and commitment of your field sales representatives and improve their performance significantly.
  4. Do not let your competitors win the hearts of store managers! Start building better relationships with your retailers. Change the role of your sales representatives into a more consultative one. A Smart Presentation solution will empower your mobile staff to tell insightful stories based on store level data injections. It will also help them to present your product offer in a more compelling way. Your sales force will be able to sell better and sell more.

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