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Retail Execution excellence: 6 tips for making your in-store visit successful!

Retail Execution excellence: 6 tips for making your in-store visit successful!

In-store reality is very often not in line with the FMCG Headquarter vision. Thus, all the sales strategies, plans or programs must be monitored at the Point of Sale by your sales representatives. They must have the knowledge, ability and tools to execute your plans effectively. To put your sales plans into action, give your sales force the right mobile retail execution technology to make them more powerful and smart enough to win at the point of sale.

Retail execution tips for you!

The retail store is exactly the right place for your sales representatives to be able to put their best efforts, while negotiating, presenting selling stories or auditing. But a successful visit is not only about the in-store execution. Such a success is related to many other factors, like planning, ongoing training or motivation. So, how to make it happen and really improve your retail execution performance?

Retail Execution excellence: 6 tips for making your in-store visit successful!

How to make your in-store visit sucessfull? 

  1. Select proper customers. First of all, you need to select the stores with the greatest sales potential at that specific moment. And what matters here? Focus on your priorities like a drop in sales, bigger potential in the category, out-of-stock, etc. In this case Retail Activity Optimisation will help you to determine which customers should be visited and how those calls should be included dynamically in your sales representatives’ upcoming route.
  2. Create the best action plan for the visit. When you reach proper customers at the right time, you can't simply rest on your laurels. Retail Activity Optimisation will help you here again. It will suggest to your sales representatives the most effective actions in response to the current priorities in retail execution.
  3. Base on your sales force knowledge, skills and personal charm. Guarantee that your sales force will have deep product knowledge and excellent sales skills by introducing a coaching program. Support it with a Coaching solution within your mobile retail execution technology.
  4. Improve engagement. Define goals for your sales force. Make your sales representatives fully aware of their daily targets. Show them the compensation or bonus points earned during the visit. All those elements should be available within the Motivation part of your retail execution solution.
  5. Present your product offers in a more compelling way. Use extraordinary Smart Presentation tools to allow your sales force to present your selling stories more comprehensively. Be simply smarter than your competition!
  6. Support all in-store activities based on a set of KPIs defining your Perfect Store. Enable your sales representatives to track KPIs at store level in real-time. Perfect Store embedded into your retail execution solution will instruct your sales force how to improve further and to make their next visits even more successful.

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