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Retail Execution: make your customers follow your Perfect Store standards at the POS!

Retail Execution: make your customers follow your Perfect Store standards at the POS!

You know how to make consumers recognize, desire and buy your products at the POS. You want to grow your sales. Articulate your insights within our Perfect Store solution to make your offering more visible at the POS. It works: our customers report 5-20% sales increase after implementing Perfect Store.

How to make Perfect Store happen in practice to improve your Retail Execution performance? 

See our six tips:

Improve Retail Execution performance

  1. Base your in-store sales activities on the Perfect Store methodology by embedding market and consumer behavior research insights into your practice to define the right KPIs for you.
  2. Take into account KPIs such as visibility, distribution and availability when thinking of your own Perfect Store.
  3. Enable efficient implementation of the Perfect Store standards at the Points of Sales.
  4. Train and motivate your sales force to effectively follow your Perfect Store concept.
  5. Help your mobile staff to evaluate how the actual Points of Sales compare to the defined Perfect Store standards. Provide them with store level KPIs calculated in real-time.
  6. Help them to complete the identified actions at the POS right away during the same visit.Perfect store execution

How to improve retail execution?

Consumers continue to be more demanding and knowledgeable. Brand loyalty continues to decline. Purchase decisions are very often taken right by the store shelf, motivated by the attractiveness of a display, special promotional offers, easier access to the product, etc. Perfect Store is an answer to this. First and almost it is about a change management. However, you do need a proper IT tool for Perfect Store as well. For this reason we added our Perfect Store solution to our SFA 2.0 sales Platform Mobile Touch.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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