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Sales Force Automation challenge: are your sales representatives motivated enough to hit their targets?

Sales Force Automation challenge: are your sales representatives motivated enough to hit their targets?

Are your sales representatives hard-working and highly dedicated? We trust they are. However, are you absolutely sure that they will always be aiming to reach their targets fully? Visit by visit, day by day, month by month? So, you may want to motivate your sales force accordingly to be willing to keep going the extra mile. Let leading edge Sales Force Automation technology support you in this matter.

The latest Sales Force Automation functionality will help you to manage the targeting processes in an intelligent way. It will allow you to create the best sales plan to direct your sales force with the right offer to the right clients, at the right time. More than that, it will help you keep your sales representatives motivated to hit their targets. How? The Sales Force Automation software will make your mobile staff fully aware of their results and link their targets to compelling incentives, such as bonuses or competitions.

Targeting in FMCG

The 3 key steps for enabling effective motivation are:

  1. Set clear targets. Display those at the start of the day. Enable your mobile staff to track their achievements in real-time, on their mobile devices, call by call.
  2. Link your sales force’s actions to a compelling compensation scheme. Provide them with full information about their bonus model. Calculate your sales representatives’ bonuses based on the targets achieved in real-time. Show the bonus points earned per visit, daily or monthly. This will motivate your employees to do their best to accomplish their KPIs in the most effective way for their own benefit.
  3. Add compelling gamification into your sales force’s daily work. Organize exciting competitions for your sales representatives. Use animated visuals to illustrate their efforts and results, based on their actual targets. It will keep your mobile staff constantly engaged and ready to improve their sales results call by call.

Our Sales Force Automation platform Mobile Touch allows FMCG manufacturers to bring new energy and excitement to their sales force. It consists of a set of solutions to create fine-grained targets, compensation schemes and compelling gamification elements.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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