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SFA 2.0 tools for global FMCG leaders

SFA 2.0 tools for global FMCG leaders

We are introducing the next generation eco-system of solutions that boost efficiency of your sales representatives in Retail Execution process.

Our unique solution Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 combine basics functions and more advanced, ground breaking features to help sales force to gain competitive advantage and win the markets!

The platform offers rich functionality across all aspects of sales force automation and retail execution. But there is more to it! It also provides the next level of SFA capabilities and helps the FMCG industry push boundaries beyond SFA fundamentals. The solution promotes innovative tools - the SFA Game Changers helping our clients sell more - these include Retail Activity Optimization, Perfect Store, Motivation, Coaching and many more.

SFA 2.0 tools for global FMCG leaders

Our Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 solution offers outstanding tools for managing mobile employees, optimizing sales, improving in-store performance as well as motivating and coaching sales representatives. Everything in one package and efficient as never before! 

Mobile Touch Perfect Store facilitates the “moment of truth” experience at the POS. It is a system which allows constant quality monitoring of the stores, evaluation against selected assessment criteria and verification of how closely the stores resemble the Perfect Store template.

Mobile Touch Retail Activity Optimization helps you reach the right customers, at the right time and at reduced costs. But there is more to it. The solution prompts the user to take the most effective action in response to the current situation at a retail store. The solution is an intelligent command and navigation center for the sales representatives, in other words, it is their door to their success.

Mobile Touch Motivation brings energy and excitement to everyday duties of your sales force. The solution helps build the motivation system into the SFA mobile tool.

Mobile Touch Coaching solution supports an effective coaching programme for your sales force. It facilitates ongoing individual training of your sales representatives and helps increase their knowledge and skills.

Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform is part of the next generation Asseco Sales Platform for CPG enterprises operating globally.

We are proud that, building on our 20 years of experience and leveraging leading edge technologies, we can also discover new uncharted territories of the business. This creates added value for innovative users.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP, Asseco Business Solutions



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