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The mobile system of Asseco Business Solutions at Lekkerland

The mobile system of Asseco Business Solutions at Lekkerland

Lekkerland, a well-known distributor of impulse goods, deployed the mobile solution from Asseco BS to boost the productivity of their sales representatives and telemarketing staff.

One of the leading distributors of impulse merchandise, Lekkerland, has deployed the SFA software from Asseco Business Solutions, to enhance the performance of their mobile staff. The new system is intended to assist in the daily work of both the Lekkerland’s sales representatives of and the telemarketing staff.

The main objective of the implementation of the system was to take the sales management and logistics at Lekkerland to the next level by introducing a number of improvements. First, the solution expedited the transfer of orders from customers and streamlined the movement of goods, which, in the case of the supply of impulse products, is hugely important to both the supplier and the customer. With the new system at hand, Lekkerland is now capable of delivering their products across the country within 24 hours of ordering.

Along with the new program, the Lekkerland sales representatives, equipped with mobile devices are granted instant access to commercial information on customers, orders, products, scheduled tasks and the level of completion of individual sales targets. The system improved order-related activities by facilitating and enabling operations like discount management, making pricing decisions based on the available price lists (prices by warehouses, special prices, fixed and outlet prices, minimum prices, etc.), limiting product ranges, margin control and customer loyalty program management.

Our mobile sales team is made up of dozens of employees whose job is to be in regular, daily contact with customers and sell goods out of our list of 4.5 thousand products. Because of this diversity in merchandise, and due to the fact that our trade terms may vary from customer to customer, we decided to equip our staff with professional and mobile IT tools which offer on-demand access to commercial data at the point of sale. After just several months, we saw a significant improvement in the quality of work and a greater efficiency of operations. It is much easier now to manage the team of sales representatives and set their sales targets.

Marcin Cąderek Lekkerland


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