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The power of advanced Sales Force Automation

The power of advanced Sales Force Automation

Organising the sales processes in FMCG markets is becoming as complicated and demanding as managing the sky above Heathrow or JFK. Many different players with different interests are on a constant collision course. Lots of data needs to be taken into account to win at the shelf. And the goal remains always the same – to increase sales! But how to do it successfully in such a competitive marketspace?

You can increase your sales by successfully managing the complexity of this process with the help of the next generation Sales Force Automation solutions.

Give your sales representatives the kind of advanced technology as the flight controllers use at the largest airports. It doesn’t matter if your mobile staff sells coffee, confection, beverages, cosmetics or pet food. They have to be able to leverage multiple data chunks while not being pushed into the role of a sales analyst, and at the same time focus on sales activities effectively. Support your sales force beyond the traditional SFA functionality. Provide them with advanced, game changing tools such as Perfect Store, Retail Activity Optimisation, Motivation or Coaching. Give them an intelligent command center at their fingertips.

The next generation Sales Force Automation solutions enable your sales force to:

  1. Get access to current, past, external and internal datasources to take well informed business decisions and plan the next course of action to help immediate or future sales. The data is crunched in the background and the system can suggest appropriate actions to your field sales representative. He is not a data analyst, but a sales person.
  2. Reach the right customers at the right time and select effective sales strategies at the point of sales.
  3. Make targets tangible. Support all in-store activities based on a set of KPIs. Enable sales representatives to track KPIs at store level in real-time.
  4. Link your sales force’s actions to a compelling motivation scheme in real-time. Increase performance of your mobile staff by improved engagement.
  5. Gain all necessary sales skills. Help to identify your sales force’s strengths and weaknesses and then start running ongoing individual training of your employees.

We offer the FMCG industry a set of innovative sales applications to help them continue to grow. Perfect Store, RAO, Motivation and Coaching are there to bring you to the next level. Our solutions help you save time, decrease costs and most importantly - win at the shelf.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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