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Top 2 benefits of leveraging SFA 2.0 in FMCG

Top 2 benefits of leveraging SFA 2.0 in FMCG

The core SFA system helps you make your sales force more effective in their daily routines. It provides productivity tools for routing, calendar management, surveys, promotions, orders, etc. This has become the industry standard over the last 25 years. So far so good. But is there more value to be untapped?

The answer is yes!  

SFA for FMCG is regaining momentum with a new level of apps added to the core system.

They allow you to sell more and make selling fun for your sales teams, helping you to take your company to the next level.
SFA 2.0 allows you to:

1. Sell more

Perfect Store will help you make your field sales teams much more KPI driven. Typically it results in a 5-20% increase in sales, in some cases, even up to 50 %! To benefit from the impact of Perfect Store faster, you can use Retail Activity Optimisation to improve the flow of your sales activities. This concept enables you to leverage your insights on the impact of the activites performed daily by your field sales teams, which in turn will help increase your sales profitability. Solutions like Motivation and Coaching allow you to get better sales results much faster. Make your sales representatives constantly focused on achieving their targets. Give your sales representatives all the sales skills and knowledge they need.

2. Have more fun

Make your sales force excited about their work. Use gamification strategies to bring more fun to your sales representatives' daily routine. Enable them to compete with each other. Motivate them to achieve better sales results.

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