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Untap additional potential from Perfect Store through Motivation

Untap additional potential from Perfect Store through Motivation

Perfect Store allows consumer goods manufacturers to improve their sales results significantly. It is a proven tangible benefit for a wide range of companies in the FMCG industry globally. However, even this can be improved. How to make it happen? Let the latest Sales Force Automation technology support you in this matter. Enable Motivation in combination with Perfect Store.

Your sales representatives will make your Perfect Store journey successful. However, there is one ‘but’; they must be highly motivated and excited about their Perfect Store duties. When it is met, they will always aim to reach their Perfect Store targets, no matter what is happening during their working day.

Mobile Touch Perfect Store wit Motivation

All you need to achieve this is to combine both Perfect Store and Motivation in your Sales Force Automation strategy and link them together in a smart way:

  1. Enrich your Sales Force Automation solution with the ability to plan Perfect Store targets at an appropriate level for every sales representative and their calls.
  2. Enable your mobile staff to track their Perfect Store achievements in real-time. present visual  targets clearly to your sales representatives on their mobile devices. When being aware of both the targets at the beginning of the day and the achieved Perfect Store scores upon completion of a Perfect Store audit, your sales force will be motivated enough to not only hit their targets call by call but also go the extra mile.
  3. Link the Perfect Store activities to a compelling bonus system. Enable the calculation of your sales representatives’ bonuses based on the Perfect Store targets accomplishments in real-time. It will help you to motivate your employees to accomplish their KPIs in the most effective way for their own benefits.
  4. Introduce a compelling mobile Perfect Store competition for your sales force, available within your Sales Force Automation technology. Use animated visuals to illustrate the efforts and results, based on the actual Perfect Store scores achieved by your sales representatives. It will bring excitement to your mobile staff’s work and make them invest more effort in their duties.

 Learn more about our Sales Force Automation solutions for the FMCG industry. Read more about Mobile Touch Perfect Store and Mobile Touch Motivation.


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