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USP Zdrowie to manage all sales ‘at the touch of a finger’

USP Zdrowie to manage all sales ‘at the touch of a finger’

USP Zdrowie, the leader on the Polish pharmaceutical market with brands including Apap, Ibuprom or Gripex, has been using the new SFA application - Mobile Touch, deployed on the Apple iPads for a year now. Satisfied with the results of working with Mobile Touch so far, USP Zdrowie decided to extend the application by adding the modern distribution channel functionality: the Company' mobile sales staff working with supermarket chains will now be equipped with Android Samsung Galaxy Note tablets with Mobile Touch installed.

By deploying the extended SFA system, USP Zdrowie expects to increase the efficiency of the daily activities of its mobile sales staff by facilitating access to commercial data, offering a convenient and easy planning tool and streamlining all sales activities, including customer service and relationship (both in the traditional and modern distribution channel).

Compared with the previous mobile applications, Mobile Touch deployed on a modern tablet has certainly improved the operations of the pharmaceutical mobile sales staff with regard to customer management. The solution enables faster access to the information, including multimedia materials, and assists in the sales process through visual presentation of promotional activities or display standards. Viewing photos, watching videos and ads, or showing presentations to particular stores or pharmacies is much more convenient than before.

The Mobile Touch deployment process at USP Zdrowie involved their entire team of sales representatives and additional non-sales staff from the company’s Warsaw HQ. During the design stage, functional aspects of the solution were determined based on the previous experience with sales process management. New features aimed at improving the mobile workforce performance were added, as requested by the client. Mobile Touch was also integrated with the Connector platform - the commercial data exchange platform.

Mobile Touch is the next-generation SFA/CRM class mobile system which harnesses the capabilities offered by modern touch screen technologies. Multi-platform Mobile Touch is intended exclusively for mobile devices, including both iOS (Apple) and Android-powered tablets and smartphones. The solution is aimed to support the local mobile sales forces in industries such as the FMCG and pharmaceuticals. Providing easy, secure and quick access to information from any place and at any time, the application increases the efficiency of everyday sales representatives' activities and offers the management real-time monitoring of the sales objectives.

With Mobile Touch, we have been able to take our cooperation with points of sale to the next level. Our goal was to ensure that our sales representatives not only sell and collect orders but also give advice, inform their customers and medical personnel about the latest research, trends, medications and health products using effective multimedia enabled presentation of the relevant material. Mobile Touch fulfils this criteria as is offers advanced functions and applications whilst supporting the basic sales activities in the field. It is certainly an innovative solution across the industry.

Wiktor Zdanowicz USP Zdrowie


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