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Why not running a Sales Force Automation solution according to your Corporate Identity?

Why not running a Sales Force Automation solution according to your Corporate Identity?

Your company for sure creates all your printed or digital sales materials in accordance to your Corporate Identity (CI). So why not implement your brand identity rules to your Sales Force Automation solution as well? It will help you to strengthen the connection between your field sales representatives and your brand even more. This will influence your sales in a very positive way. You will also have a unique eye-catching solution which is friendly to use for your sales teams.

Your fields sales force teams visit plenty of points of sales every day. Most of their work takes place outside of your office. Therefore, your sales representatives’ mobile devices equipped with the Sales Force Automation solution are becoming their “management centres” providing data and insights, suggesting where to go and what to do, allowing them to run audits and analysis, enabling the presentation of the offer in front of retailers, etc. From now on this strategic tool does not have to be anonymous and the same for all consumer goods sales forces using it, no matter which company or brand they represent.

Run your mobile technology based on your Corporate Identity! See what you can get:

  1. You will be able to build a global coherent image of your company among your sales teams.
  2. Your sales representatives will better identify themselves with your company and its objectives.
  3. You will be able to make your mobile staff more engaged in building your brand awareness.
  4. You will be more innovative when combining off-line (e.g. letterheads, the design of your offices, etc.) and on-line/digital corporate branding for your employees (e.g. intranet, layout of presentations, etc.) with mobile branding.

When developing our Mobile Touch solution, we pay special attention not only to functionality but also to the UX (User Interface) to facilitate the sales force’s every day activities. We have been distinguished by the Promotion Optimization Institute in the recent “Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2018” for a very strong orientation towards user experience which is above average. Recently, we went a step further and added another opportunity for our consumer goods customers using our Mobile Touch Sales Force Automation technology with the ability to run the skin of Mobile Touch in the customer Corporate Identity.

Dr. Andreas Enders, VP International Sales and Implementations

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