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Why Perfect Store helps you to sell better and sell more?

Why Perfect Store helps you to sell better and sell more?

Nowadays Perfect Store is one of the most powerful sell-more influencers in the consumer goods industry. It helps to increase sales by up to 20 % or even more. Its success is based on a combination of the methodology developing the perfect execution plan for sales representatives, with the ability to follow pre-established KPI standards. All in all, Perfect Store allows FMCG manufacturers to create and maintain the best sales conditions in retail outlets to positively influence sales growth.

Perfect Store is a comprehensive and very efficient way to sell better and sell more in FMCG. It allows you to select the stores with the greatest selling potential and then make your offers more available, more visible and more attractive at the Points of Sales. Therefore, it is a key factor contributing to increased sales at short notice. Why does it work so well?

Perfect Store is a continuous process. You need to follow a number of comprehensive steps:

  1. At the very beginning the Perfect Store methodology helps to better understand your category and the related consumer & shopper’s behaviour. Perfect Store determines the key variables influencing the purchase decisions at particular store segments. It provides you with a picture of success – an “ideal store” where you always win at the shelf.
  2. The theory is important, but to really win the hearts of your consumers you must be able to incorporate the Perfect Store principles into your daily routines. A mobile Perfect Store solution is mandatory to do so. It helps you to translate the selected methodology into a practical set of actions for your sales representatives. For example it supports you in embedding the market insights into practice and defining the right KPIs for your sales force.
  3. The mobile Perfect Store solution empowers your sales representatives with easy access to the picture of success; based on the knowledge transfer it enables them to audit your preferred KPIs during sales visits.  More than that, it reports the Perfect Store scores in real-time and suggests to your mobile staff what actions are to be taken to improve it further.
  4. Perfect Store becomes even more effective when it is combined with new compelling tools like Retail Activity Optimisation and Smart Presentation. Then you will unlock the Perfect Store value faster and more effectively. Retail Activity Optimisation helps you to identify sales opportunities upfront, more easily. Smart Presentation enables your sales representatives presenting Perfect Store in front of a customer in a selling story-like approach.

Mobile Touch Perfect Store allows consumer goods companies to constantly monitor the quality of the exposition in stores. The results of optimizing the in-store-execution based on Mobile Touch Perfect Store tend to exceed the expectations of our customers. We have seen real-life benefit of up to 50 % sales increase when following the Perfect Store standard with our solution.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales and Implementations

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