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Why to make sales targets visible in real time?

Why to make sales targets visible in real time?

The systematic achievement of targets is the key element to increase sales and profitability. You need to empower your sales representatives to be aware of their targets at the start of every day, before each store visit and after its execution. Thus you need real time visibility of targets and its accomplishments.

Make your sales staff fully aware of their daily targets and what they need to achieve when meeting a customer.

Allow them to  monitor their progress in achieving their assigned targets. Show them bonus points earned per visit, daily or monthly.

When seeing target accomplishment in real time your sales representatives know which elements of their plan they should be concentrating on and how to distribute these activities correctly in a given sales period. In consequence it leads to sales and profitability increases.


Mobile Touch Targeting shows clearly all targets to the sales representative. Day by day. Visit by visit. This is a completely new way to achieve qualitative and quantitative targets.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP international Sales and Implementations

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