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We have an extensive understanding of IT solutions delivery and maintenance. We are proud to successfully provide tier 1 global FMCG brands with sales platforms for more than 20 years. We are also aware that an effective support of dispersed customer sales forces is essential. Therefore, our FMCG partners can count on our specialists when implementing and working with Mobile Touch, regardless of where they are located.

Global delivery

Our specialized program deployment methodology includes template creation on a global or regional level and a localized roll-out to specific markets or channels. It also includes our best practices which base on our over 20-year experience in FMCG.


  • We create one common customer business template which meets the Headquarters’ needs and includes a set of functionalities which can be re-used in the local deployments.
  • We also enable multiple roll-outs to specific channels or regions. This helps our FMCG customers to run implementations in parallel in many different countries, regions or continents, and easily configure the solutions for individual markets and channels.
Global delivery

Global delivery = one global Sales Force Automation strategy



One global Sales Force Automation strategy
enables our consumer goods customers
to optimise costs and govern their business
much more effectively. It allows them to unify
their key sales processes, actions and measures
at a global level, as well as easily exchange
best-practice knowledge, functionalities and
experience andacross the markets/regions.
Additionally, it helps them to quickly transition
proven processes from one market into another.



Global cloud, support & maintenance services

We offer fully managed cloud-based solutions. Processing in the cloud allows our customers to optimise the use of their own resources.


  • In EMEA we offer the Asseco Private Cloud located within the EU (Lublin/Poland).
  • Russia is covered with a data centre based in St. Petersburg.
  • Our APAC data centres operate in Hong Kong/China and Chennai/India.
  • The Americas are covered by data centres located in Dallas/USA and Sao Paulo/Brazil.
  • We also deliver respective support & maintenance services based on mutually agreed customer service level agreements no matter which time zone, country or region our users are located.
Global cloud, support & maintenance services

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