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Thought Leadership

We believe that a coherent and mature offering, responsiveness to the needs of multinational corporations, and a profound knowledge of the FMCG sector sets us apart from the competition. When working with our clients we become their business partner and advisor,  bringing with us our expertise, experience and knowledge.

Full commitment to innovation and thought leadership


For almost twenty years we have been delivering mobile solutions to the FMCG industry. As a partner to many leading consumer goods companies we keep analyzing how this market segment is evolving and how the working methods of sales forces are changing. Based on this, we develop new functionality that can help our clients continue their growth and maintain the leading position in their industry.

Dr. Andreas Enders VP International Sales & Implementations


Aware of our market position, we keep improving our products and services. Consequently, we offer the users important added value and innovative solutions to empower the sales operations in the field.

The users who seek new opportunities will certainly benefit from using the advanced technology solutions covering such areas as Retail Activity Optimization and Perfect Store. In addition, we take into account how IT departments in global customer organizations like to run SFA projects by providing cutting edge technologies with full configuration capabilities.

The dedication to the innovation of our team allows us to provide groundbreaking functionality in areas where a lot of value has remained untapped up to now.



Full commitment to innovation and thought leadership

Roadmap initiative

Rafał Białota

When creating our roadmap we rely on multiple sources of innovation. We learn from employees, customers and prospective clients. We take into consideration industry publications and analyst reports. We listen to advisors and opinion leaders. Consequently we are able to plan our short and long-term product strategy in the best possible way.

Rafał Białota Mobile Touch Product Manager

Roadmap initiative


Mobile Touch Roadmap sessions are scheduled twice a year. All input gathered during the roadmap meetings is used in the decision making process when taking our Mobile Touch SFA 2.0 platform to the next level.

Our product roadmap sessions allow us to communicate our development plans for Mobile Touch. They provide our clients with clear information on our strategy for the upcoming years, making them aware of the new sales tools they can expect to benefit from, in order to gain competitive advantage.

Key customers can influence our product roadmap while joining our Customer Advisory Board.

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